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85% LTV buy to let mortgages

As an experienced landlord, we can discuss your eligibility to secure a buy to let mortgage with a 15% deposit.

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75% LTV and 80% LTV mortgage rates are available using the filter button. 

The key benefits of 85% LTV buy to let mortgages are:

  1. Highest LTV: Buy to let mortgages at 85 LTV are the highest LTV you can go to as a landlord investor - this includes remortgages. 90% & 100% LTV mortgages for buy to let are not currently available.
  2. Maximise borrowing: They offer experienced UK landlords the maximum possible borrowing ratio currently on offer for rental property investment.
  3. Landlord experience: Not all lenders require landlord experience to secure a high LTV buy to let mortgage, but to borrow at 85% they do. If you do not have landlord experience, you may qualify for 80% LTV buy to let mortgage deals.
  4. Interest only or capital repayment: Interest only mortgages are available at 85% LTV for buy to let

Tactics for landlords investing at 85% and high LTV buy to let 

  • Invest in buy to let with a small lump sum: the most obvious solution for experienced landlords looking to buy their next property.
  • Raise capital from your existing portfolio: 85% is the maximum loan available from any buy to let lender, these products allow you to leverage the highest amount possible from your existing property portfolio.
  • Split a large amount of capital across multiple properties: an alternative to placing a large amount of capital into one property. The advantage of splitting capital across multiple properties comes from the protection it offers you from an over-reliance on one property for rental income and capital growth.

85% LTV buy to let mortgage criteria

In order to qualify for a mortgage using a 15% deposit, lenders will want you to meet the following mortgage criteria:

  1. Minimum loan size £100,000 at 85% LTV
  2. Loan term from 5 - 35 years
  3. Rate product illustrations are based on interest only payment terms, however, they are also available as repayment or part interest only/part repayment. Initial rate will revert to standard variable rate (SVR) at the end of the initial fixed rate term.
  4. Applicant status you cannot be a first time landlord; applicants must have at least one buy to let property. Credit check required by a lender.
  5. Applicant age you must be 25 or over to apply and aged 75 or under before the end of the term (some exceptions considered if you are an experienced landlord)
  6. Applicant income no minimum income is required, documentation will be required to validate applicant’s income, identity and address.
  7. Portfolio Landlords no limit to the number of properties or value of borrowing.
  8. Multi units considered, including more than one flat under one title.
  9. HMOs maximum number of beds is 8 as standard (some exceptions). Any relevant planning consents must be in place.
  10. Limited company buy to let mortgages.
  11. Fixed mortgage and interest only options available

What is an 85% LTV BTL Mortgage?

LTV is the percentage of the total value (or purchase price) of the property you want to borrow. For example, a mortgage of £85,000 raised against a property value of £100,000 gives an LTV of 85%, and requires a deposit of £15,000.

Lenders consider LTV percentages when assessing your application for a mortgage. If the LTV is lower it generally means less risk for the lender.

With a lower LTV, rates and fees are generally lower too. To be considered for an 85% LTV buy to let mortgage, you will be required to provide proof of your income, to ensure you can afford the mortgage.

If you can raise a larger deposit up-front, your mortgage will generally be cheaper in the long-term.

The benefits of our service

You can expect to receive excellent customer service when you work with us.

  • Discuss your needs and circumstances with an advisor
  • Your advisor will identify the best way to achieve the objectives set
  • If the product we identify is different to what you expected, we will explain why it offers you a better solution based on the brief you set us

Efficient, hassle-free mortgage completions

Once you have all the information you require to invest with confidence, your advisor will submit an application to the lender in question.

Your mortgage administrator will coordinate with you and all parties involved in completing the deal, handling as much of the work and hassle on your behalf as possible. 

Talk to our experienced mortgage brokers about buy to let 

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for an 85% LTV buy to let mortgage or apply right away, call us or enquire online and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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